Exchange Co.

Exchange Co. is a coffee bar and bake shop. Located in Historic Downtown Simpsonville. We are excited to offer coffee, crepes, cookies, and much more. Specializing in Gluten Free foods.

Our Adoption Journey

      We would like to invite all of our family and friends to follow us on our adoption journey. As many of you know, it is our desire and mission to help raise support and awareness in the community about the need for foster and adoptive families. Exchange Co. has already been successful in reaching this mission. We are currently beginning the process of adoption through the State of South Carolina. This is a new journey for us, we have already learned a ton and have already put several hours worth of work into it. We will be posting blog updates through our website and Facebook page. We have three main goals in sharing our story: to inspire, educate, and cultivate a culture of living life in exchange for others.

1) We want to share our story in order to inspire other families in our community to take the leap of faith and give their lives for the fatherless. Undoubtedly, our story, like many others will be filled with excitement, as well as difficulty. Our hope is that we will be genuine and real about our experiences.
2) We want to use our story to educate others on the adoption process. We hope to share practical information that will help educate the community on the various requirements of foster and adoptive families.
3) As our mission states, we exist "to create a culture of living our lives in exchange for others." This is not about us, it's about those in need. Our desire is that in living in community and sharing life with others, we can help inspire and cultivate this culture. Whether raising biological or adoptive children, it takes a community. Ask yourself, "am I living in community?" "Does my community hold the same values that I want my children to learn?" "Do I serve those closest to me, do they add value and help to my life?"

Thanks for joining us on our journey, there is more to come!

-Michael and Roxanne