Exchange Co.

Exchange Co. is a coffee bar and bake shop. Located in Historic Downtown Simpsonville. We are excited to offer coffee, crepes, cookies, and much more. Specializing in Gluten Free foods.

Next Steps

When we first spoke with our caseworker we were informed that the entire process of adoption could take about 8 months. We started the journey with a simple phone call, then we were schedule for orientation May 18th. At this orientation we learned about the process of adoption here in South Carolina. We learned about what would be expected and what requirements we would need to fulfill. At this meeting we were given a folder with many forms to complete. You usually hear about the stack of papers that need to be completed, it really was not that bad. The state wants to know about your family history, your finances, your relationship with your spouse, etc. The documents that we sent in, including our tax returns was over 40 pages in total.
Now that our paperwork is complete, the next step is for everyone in the home to complete their medical physicals. This month will also consist of 14 hours of training. Waiting is always hard, but it gives us the opportunity to prepare and organize our home and our lives a little bit before our family dynamics change. It is different than preparing for biological children. There is so much unknown and we aren't sure what to expect.

I met a few weeks ago with Rhonda Littleton who is the director at A Home for Me. This great organization developed out of a heart for the fatherless at First Baptist Simpsonville. Rhonda shared how her organization supports foster and adoptive families in the area. We look forward to partnering with them and sharing what type of support they offer.

We have received a lot of great feedback and encouragement from our community regarding our adoption journey. We look forward to continuing to inform and inspire our community.

As many of you may have already heard, the state recently changed/clarified the regulation regarding window sizes that was causing problems with foster and adoptive families. Thankfully families can now opt to install interconnected smoke detectors instead of replacing windows which is cheaper and much faster to complete. Praise God!